A Trip To Georgetown Headache Center

A few months back my neurologist suggested I go to Georgetown Headache Center or to Jefferson Headache Center and since the former is much closer, I decided to make an appointment. I had gone there early on in my headache trials and tribulations but all I remember is that the doctor made me stop taking Excedrin (which I had been taking everyday for about a year) and the withdrawal was miserable. Then my insurance changed and I had to find a different doctor.

This time there are different doctors and many things have changed so I was hopeful that I’d get some different advice.

The doctor read over my questionnaire and had already read through a letter from my neurologist so we spent quite a while talking and answering questions of each other. I got the usual physical exam with a few differences and I was sent out so that my treatment plan could be written up.

In a nutshell, I had to stop taking my current abortive medications so often because she believes it is causing rebounds. I wasn’t surprised but you gotta get through the day and that’s how I get through the day. Luckily she gave me some alternative medications and started me on a preventative protocol. B2 was helpful years ago so she said to start that again along with a twice daily anti-inflammatory. Limit abortives and rescue medications to 2 times each during a week trying to minimize to only 2 times total for all a week. This I wasn’t hopeful would work out but I’d certainly try.

She also wanted me to continue meditating and looking into Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses to expand my meditation practice. She prescribed yoga twice a week as well. I’ve been doing the meditation (not the course yet) but haven’t gotten to the yoga yet. I will though. I will.

She also wanted me to restart using the Cefaly device but to use it for 40 consecutive minutes instead of 20. I have been able to fit that in each day since.

Lastly she wanted me to make an appointment with Jefferson Headache Center too so that they could evaluate my state of medication overuse and treat if necessary. Nothing like having to travel to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Things have been going well so far. I am definitely taking less medication each week and waking up less days already in pain. I still have pain every day but it is better. I imagine I am still going to have to end up at the other center even though I had my fingers crossed that I would be so much better I could skip that part.

For now I am cautiously optimistic.


We are now an RV family

In 2005 we went to Alaska for two weeks. A was only two months old at the time and we decided to rent a class C RV for the duration of the trip so we could minimize unpacking and moving all our junk from place to place with all the kids. The RV fit us comfortably, with T co-sleeping and A swaddled and tucked away in the shower. My stepsons all fit in the dinette and over cab beds.

Ever since then, Hubby has had in the back of his mind that we would eventually buy an RV that would allow all 7 of us to fit comfortably and allow for some expansion as the kids grow and have families of their own.

He has a dream that our house and our vacation spots will be able to entice the kids to spend time with us as their lives draw them away. I love this dream.

We planned what we figured would be our last real whole family vacation to Disney and Universal this summer and had rented a class A RV for the trip. All the while Hubby kept researching for what would be our future vacation home on the road.

An unexpected call arrived from the local RV retailer to take a look at one with a floor plan Hubby had identified as meeting all our needs by having 3 spaces that could be separate (one for us, one for A and T and one for my stepsons because we are all on different sleep schedules). A week later we are the proud owners of a sweet Canyon Star RV.

It was a whirlwind. We fully didn’t expect to do this for at least another year or more but when an opportunity that feels right presents itself, you go all in.

Now we get to take our own vacation home on wheels on our trip this summer with all 7 of us getting the full effect of how we can spend vacation time together for years to come. Bring on the future wives to be (yikes!) and grandchildren (OMG!!) and let’s take a trip wherever you want to go.

IMG_3833 IMG_3834 IMG_3836

Hopeful and Hopeless


I’m sitting here with ear plugs in because we have power tools running every so often in the house and the sound is just enough to pierce my brain. I have my neck warmer on and a can of caffeine. I already zapped my brain with my Cefaly device and now I’m calculating how long […]

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Migraines, oh how I loathe thee

I’ve reached the point where it is hard to remember what those glorious days were like just after my IV infusion therapy.  Actually, I reached that point not very long after the therapy.  I am so sad at how little difference it made afterwards. Probably the one plus is that my rescue medications work better […]

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IV Infusion Therapy For Migraine

I saw my neurologist early this month and told him that I have reached a point where none of my normal medications are working for my pain.  Although I try to keep from taking too many, the sad reality is that I have been taking more and more as preventatives have not worked.  I still […]

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Now that Thanksgiving is done, it’s time to decorate for Christmas.  Our youngest really loves decorating for any holiday but Christmas is her favorite.  We used to get live trees (with the tree ball) so that we could plant the tree after Christmas is over. Once we had several in the yard, we decided to […]

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Where I’m From #NaBloPoMo

I saw Alexandra use this template on her blog and thought it would be nice to put together my own. —————————————— I am from a VCR with wired remote, from a floor model TV the size of a twin bed and family time watching Family Ties.  I am from the laughter filled and loud one story […]

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Happy Thanksgiving #NaBloPoMo

Every year my SIL shares this video and every year it makes me laugh so I figured I would pass it along. I love Thanksgiving and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Like this:Like Loading…

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The Boys Are Back In Town #NaBloPoMo

Our two oldest boys are back from college for Thanksgiving break.  It makes me so happy to see them and hang out with them. We went to my MIL’s house for dinner and will go to my aunt’s for Thanksgiving day. We spend the late evening talking about the world, current events, what’s going on […]

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Feelings on Ferguson #NaBloPoMo

Sick Angry Sad Helpless Confused Exasperated A whirlwind of emotions I felt as I watched the press conference concerning the possible indictment of the officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson. As it started you could see where it was going.  It seemed as if it were a long explanation in an effort to soften […]

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