Boys Have Long Hair Too

long_hairWhen my son T was younger, we managed his hair in the simplest way.  We took the clippers and buzzed it off.  Then it would grow a little shaggy and we’d buzz it again.  Somewhere along the way, T decided that he hated having his hair buzzed off and around age 8 he refused to let us touch it.

He didn’t want us to cut it or brush it.  I guess we were the haircut monsters and so he wanted us to keep our distance from his precious hair.

At first it was just a bit overgrown.  It was thick and poofy but didn’t look like a boufaunt or anything.  Just shaggy boy hair.  So we let it go.

Then it got longer.  And longer.  He still wouldn’t let us cut it.

I wasn’t a fan at first.  It was constantly in his eyes and I wanted to see those eyes looking back at me.  I missed his face as it was always covered up.

But his hair.  Wow, he has got some gorgeous hair.

Thick and soft.  Flowing.  Honestly, I would LOVE to have his hair.

We did end up getting him to trim his hair before summer camp because the rule there is that you have to put your hair in a braid if it is long and he was not fond of that idea.  But during the summer some girls complained that he didn’t have to wear his hair up so he ended up using a swim cap instead.

Now he’s letting it continue to grow.  I’ve gotten used to it and must admit that long hair suits him.  I can see his face now that it is longer and doesn’t just cover him like Cousin It so my initial issues are gone.

But now I have another issue.

Why does everyone assume my son with the long hair is a girl?

At first it was just a few times but it is becoming more frequent.  Each time he tells the person “I’m actually a boy” which is good that he is standing up for himself and correcting them.  They usually apologize and move on.  One person made a comment about having to be “Politically Correct” which really bugged me because it has nothing to do with that, you referenced a boy as “she” and he corrected you.  I mean, really, come on now.

It reminds me of when my niece had short hair and would dress in her older brother’s hand me downs.  She would get mistaken for a boy.  Why is it that hair length somehow indicates gender?  Or the “girliness” of your clothes?

It just bugs me.  He says it bothers him when people think he is a girl but I assure him that it really doesn’t have much to do with him because they just really aren’t paying attention if they make that mistake.

He doesn’t want to change his hair because of it which is good because he is trusting his own feelings and not being influenced by what others think.  I’ve even heard him mention possibly growing it enough to donate it which fills my heart.

I hope he keeps his confidence in himself and continues to ignore those who aren’t seeing him clearly enough to address him correctly.

It’s their loss that they don’t take the time to really look at him because it means they won’t take the time to know him either.

Using Cefaly for Migraines

Although hypnotherapy helped my thinking and outlook, it didn’t make a dent in my chronic daily headache.  Living with migraines has been worse and worse lately so my doctor prescribed Cefaly for migraines which is basically a TENS unit specifically for the head to reduce migraine frequency and severity.  The unit was FDA approved in the last year or so but sadly isn’t covered by most insurances at this point.  You need a prescription and have to order it online from


I was looking forward to trying it because I feel as though I have tried everything else under the sun at this point with no relief.  On the day it arrived, I eagerly read the quick start up instructions and started my treatment.

The key is consistency so you have to use Cefaly everyday for 20 minutes a day.  I’ve been using it in the mornings after the kids get on the bus and before work.

I have to say that I find it painful even now when I have been using it for 20 days.  At this point, my chronic migraines are not gone but there is definitely improvement.  I have more time in each day without head pain.  I am still having pain most days and having to take abortive or rescue medication more than I would like, but having time in my day where my head doesn’t hurt is wonderful.

I am used to having some level of pain virtually all the time.  I wake with pain and it fluctuates in severity throughout the day.  Now I actually have days where I wake with no pain and days where I don’t need to take anything for pain!

It did not happen overnight.  I had hoped I would get even more relief in just a few days but it took at least week to see improvement and at 20 days I am still hoping for further improvement.

For anyone who suffers from chronic daily headache and migraines, I think Cefaly is worth a shot.  They do have a return policy so if you don’t have any improvement you can return it within 60 days.  I would suggest going for at least a month before deciding if it is helping enough.  I think for some of us, it takes a while to kick in.

Working on my Migraines

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Reach Out Because Depression Lies

When I saw the news about Robin Williams’ suicide, I immediately looked for some evidence that it was a cruel hoax.  Another fake internet death.  Then more and more news outlets were reporting the same thing and I cried.  I was devastated that someone so full of life, that made the world laugh, had succumbed […]

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Summer Camp

When the school year winds down and summer is around the corner, A and T start to prepare for summer camp.  Since Hubby and I both work full time, they need something to do in the summer to keep them from going in insane from boredom and me from going insane from two bored kids […]

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It was three years ago when we said goodbye to our sweet little pug Meg.  She was my first baby and we miss her very much.  Sammy and Willow the Samoyeds are awesome dogs but I felt like we were missing a littler furry member of the family. Puppy fever hit out of the blue […]

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I recognize that I am a negative thinker.  I am constantly mentally berating myself for not living up to the impossible standards I have for myself. Failure. I think that word so often.  Even in success I can find some failure within it. I wonder where this harshness for myself came from.  I don’t remember […]

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Do I Have Anything More To Say

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Time. It does fly.

When you haven’t written for a while, I think you get a complex about “what should I write about first” when you actually get around to writing.  Is this good enough to be the first post after months of silence?  Why would I write about this after all this time?  Why would anyone want to […]

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Virtual 5K #TNTDuel


Well I just finished my second 5K.  I haven’t moved this far since my first 5K years ago.  I have done some running and walking since then but not a 5K.  This time I walked the whole thing since I have pretty much done no activity for quite a while. I missed the Diva Dash […]

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