Guns #NaBloPoMo

As I got back from the bus stop the other day and took off my shoes, I had a flash in my mind of the unthinkable, though sadly it has happened to others.  I thought to myself, this month before another heartbreaking anniversary, how I would react if a mentally unstable person took aim at my own children while they sat at school.

I was enraged in my brief and imaginary future.  Grief stricken and broken.  It was clear that I would be terribly and horribly changed.  And I realized I would be loud.  Loud and unwavering in my fight to make change and do what I can to prevent it happening to others.

Back in reality I thought to myself, why would I only do that if personally affected?

And when I really thought about that, I determined the sad truth was fear.  I fear how others will react to my more forceful and loud proclamations and actions.  Would I lose friends, would I gain enemies?

But there would be no more fear if I had gone through what the parents in Newtown went through.  They have been hurt beyond all pain I could imagine.

So they speak and they work for change out in the open.  Loud and unwavering.

I realize I have to do more.  I have to be clear.

There are changes needed now.  We need common sense gun regulations.  We need accessible mental health care for anyone and everyone who needs it.  We need to stop bullying and encourage compassion.

I call on everyone who has ideas, who has an opinion, to challenge yourself to speak up and push for real change.  Because we could all wait until we are personally affected to get involved, as it is inevitable on the path we are, but that is not a world to wait for.

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Renaissance Festival #NaBloPoMo

Last month we took A and T to the Renaissance Festival.  It has been so many years since we have been there.  When my stepsons were younger we used to go just about every year.  But they eventually tired of going so A and T really don’t remember being there before.

They enjoyed the visit and want to go again next year.  We saw a few shows which they enjoyed  but they really wanted to play the games and do the activities which started to add up because most aren’t included in the entry fee.  I had to laugh at the fact that some of the jokes from the shows were exactly the same as I remember from years ago.

Here are some of the photos from our day.

A_Sitting Puppets A_Thief T_Thief A_Rope_Ladder T_Rope_Ladder

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Context Switching #NaBloPoMo

I feel like a spend a lot of time context switching.  One minute I am doing one thing and then I have to switch to another, then another, then another.  I may never get back to the original task.  I may not even remember the original task.  Until days later when I realize I never […]

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It’s hard to leave work at work #NaBloPoMo

I work as a software engineer from my home.  And although my husband goes into the office, he and I work for the same company. We often find ourselves talking about whatever the latest work emergency is.  Whatever is currently going on. We work in the same area though do different day-to-day tasks.  But there […]

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Bring On Menopause #NaBloPoMo

I don’t know many women who look forward to menopause but I gotta say that I will embrace it.  You see, it is the last big hormonal shift my body will go through and I have some hopes for that shift. When I was adjusting migraine medications to prepare for getting pregnant with my son, […]

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MNO Selfie


Sometimes you are in the middle of NaBloPoMo and you haven’t posted before going to MNO and stay out talking to some fabulous ladies so you just take a selfie in the garage when you get home and call it a night. Like this:Like Loading…

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Random Round-Up 26

This is a random set of tidbits from the week along with a sprinkling of bloggy love. It’s super awesome when your dad reads one of your posts and then texts you to say that your thoughts are spot on.  Yeah, parental praise never goes out of style. Someone in our neighborhood lost their dog […]

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#SOCSaturday Halfway Through #NaBloPoMo

Stream of Consciousness Saturday (or Sunday) is 5 minutes of free writing.  No editing, no rewriting, just letting it out. Hosted by Love Jaime ——————————- Halfway through the month of posting every day and I’ve made it this far.  Yay!!  So far I am pleasantly surprised that I haven’t been really empty of words and […]

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Religious Equality #NaBloPoMo

I should start off by saying that I am not a particularly religious person.  I’ve gone to various churches of various faiths during my lifetime.  I have read about other faiths.  We have discussions in our house about organized religion and religious beliefs and spiritually.  But we don’t go to church or subscribe to any […]

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Throwback Thursday #NaBloPoMo


I love going through old photos and I came across these two of little bitty me.  In the first I’m just a little baby hanging out and from the look on my face, maybe a little gassy or possibly incredibly bored.  The second is from when I was in preschool and we got to sit […]

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