Who Do You Write For?

Originally I had a different post in mind for today.  But then I read Embracing My Reality by Kristen over at A Little Something for Me and it inspired me.

We were both at Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend and I came back full of ideas and plans.  But somehow I had forgotten the question she writes about in her post.

“Who do you write your blog for?  Who do you want to read it?”

I was focusing on goals and forgot this very basic building block to my blog.

So as I lay in bed last night (where I write my most brilliant posts in my head), I thought about who I write for.  And I figured it out.

I write for me.

To record moments.  Those I want to remember.  Those that touch me in some way.

To work through obstacles.  Those issues that can tear me down.  Writing helps to build me back up.

To learn more about myself and about life.  Everyday I learn and grow through my writing.

I write for you.

My journey might help you or touch you in some way.  You can know you are not alone in your feelings.

My journey might give you ideas or make you think about something in a different way.  Maybe you will see something that you didn’t before.

If nothing else, maybe my journey will leave you thinking, “Man, glad I am not that chick” 🙂

I wrote a while back about how I wanted to use my blog to help myself and others.

I need to keep that in mind because at the end of the day, I write for us.



  1. Love this!! I write for me too! And to help others. That’s the wonderful thing about blogging.

  2. Denise, Thank you for this post. I have been loving all of the pieces on BBC Philly along with amazing recaps, advice, and suggestions. Something I did yesterday as a result was delete a few posts I had previously written, because they were not “me” or the me that I want to be to my readers. I love good sarcasm, but these 2 posts crossed the line to mean – a place where I don’t want to be. Your post reminds me of the true reasons why I blog – so thank you. xo Ilene
    Ilene recently posted…Welcome to My Midlife CrisisMy Profile

  3. Girl – you are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out. I love your “who do you write for?” answers- so perfect. What a great post! It was great to meet you!!!
    Kristen recently posted…Embracing My RealityMy Profile

  4. Love that you took this away with you. That is one of the notes I took in ALL CAPS during the conference. I am trying to stay true to myself and what I want my blog to be too! Maybe we can keep each other in check if we start blogging about gnomes or something strange just to bring in readers. 😉
    Kristen recently posted…Bloggy Boot Camp & Girls Lunch Out in Philly 2012My Profile

    • Denise

      We can definitely keep each other in check. That’s what a tribe is for right? 🙂

      Oh, and I am totally stealing your gnomes idea 🙂

  5. I wanted to stop by to say I love your “calm my crazy” button. Great saying!
    Amber recently posted…Home From Bloggy Boot Camp!My Profile

  6. Great post! Love it! And loved meeting you at #BBCPhilly, my head is spinning with all the information and I am trying to decide…where I need to start…hopefully I’ll get out from under all the information and do something constructive!

    • Denise

      Thanks! Great to meet you too! I think we all need to take a breath and start with just one thing we learned. I can easily get overwhelmed so I have to try hard not to jump in with everything.

  7. Hi! I found you on “Pour Your Heart Out.”
    I think it’s fabulous to consider your audience. I teach my students to do it every day. It reminds me that when I was struggling, it was bloggers that helped me feel that I was not alone, and my goal in writing is to hope that even if I only help one person, that’s a wonderful thing to do!

  8. lol…I’m sure people are glad they aren’t me sometimes too! Your post is a good reminder to keep the root of why I write prominent in my head.

  9. Since I’m still pretty new to the blog scene, this is a great post for me. It seems that I’m writing my posts, not just to share my daily ins and outs, but to hold myself accountable. If I put it out there in the “blog world” then it has to remain a reality for me.
    Michelle recently posted…Planting strawberries – What I learned from children’s books?My Profile

  10. I started my blog for me as a way to get my writing out there. Through my journey I’ve learned that I have gifts that I can share with others and we begin to learn together.

    It’s an amazing feeling this give and take between ourselves as writers and our readers. =)

  11. I think keeping that focus in mind will help you know what you want to write and what direction you want to take!
    Shell recently posted…Four Years Ago: A Birth StoryMy Profile

  12. There was so much information conveyed at BBC that it was overwhelming to my mind. But at its most basic, that one question, is precisely how you answered it for me. I do want to help other women who may be chasing the elusive balance like I am, but ultimately, I’m writing for me. Otherwise, where does the enjoyment go? When you get bogged down by page hits, comments, gotta get this post up at this time of day, be timely, blah blah blah, yes it’s helpful and effective. But is it your ultimate goal? Nope.
    Arnebya recently posted…This Is How I FeelMy Profile

    • Denise

      Exactly. I have to keep in mind what is really important while still trying to make sure that I am reaching the folks I’d like to.

  13. Yes. This is exactly why I write.
    Tracie recently posted…Full Of Thoughts – We Are OkayMy Profile

  14. I learned so much at BBC in Chicago last year! It made me really think about why I was blogging. Your post sums it up beautifully!

    Visiting you from the SITS forum!
    Ginny Marie recently posted…What I Love {Spin Cycle}My Profile

  15. Such a great post – and it’s totally true. I admit sometimes I get caught up in the stats, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I like numbers and pretty bar graphs. I write for me. I like to capture moments and create pretty things. I’m glad there’s a community of people out there who like to do the same 🙂
    Chrystina recently posted…my mirror mosaic wallMy Profile

    • Denise

      I have been looking at numbers because I’d really like to reach more people. But I have to keep in mind why I want to write first and foremost.

  16. I truly agree with you… I sometimes get confused with this as well but then at the end I am recording the upbringing of my family and during this process hopefully I have inspired someone out there…
    Sharm’s Outlet recently posted…Dipped or Painted…My Profile

  17. Love this. I write for many of the same reasons.
    Tricia recently posted…Our treeMy Profile

  18. You put it so eloquently. I too write for myself and also for others in the hopes of sharing things I have learned over the years of being a wife and at times SAHM, WAHM and a mom that works outside of the home. I also write because I am so incredibly inspired by all the wonderful bloggy friends I have met.

    Happy SITS Day Denise!
    Raquel recently posted…Tracking AccomplishmentsMy Profile

  19. Wow, this post has given me a lot to think about. I really aught to attend a Bloggy Boot Camp. I really want to get more into my writing. Lately it’s been very lacking because I guess I’m more worried about quantity and not quality. Thanks for giving me something to think about!!
    Lisa M recently posted…Ella Grace Goodies for Me; Free Shipping Code For You!My Profile

    • Denise

      I really like Bloggy Boot Camp. It is a good size and lots of information. Definitely a great way to get back in touch with what you want in your blog and to learn about how to grow.

  20. Your last comment made me laugh. I fully expected you to say something like, “Man this girl is wise, or helpful,or insightful,” and your twist was fun. Great post and so important to think about, I agree.
    Barb – The Empty Nest Mom recently posted…From Farm to TableMy Profile

  21. I relate. I also blog for my kids. I hope someday they enjoy the memories and thoughts that I’ve saved and maybe even my grand kids will read it too. 🙂
    Kristi recently posted…CookingMy Profile

  22. I write for me; I share for others.

    I love that others get something from my blog, that my blog helps people. But even if I weren’t blogging, I’d keep writing. It’s just such a powerful therapeutic tool for me.

    I think this is such an important question that each blogger needs to answer for him/herself. Knowing this changes how we write.
    misssrobin recently posted…The Kindness Project — 6 Months InMy Profile

    • Denise

      And it is cheap therapy too. I think it is good to refocus every so often on the reasons for writing so we can be the most honest in our writing.

  23. Great job. Visiting from SITS and have been pondering this question myself a lot lately. Makes me think it is high time to actually answer it! 😉 Thank you!
    thedoseofreality recently posted…Ryan Gosling Loves GiveawaysMy Profile

  24. Love your post! It’s important to stop and remember why we do what we do. I write to share my special moments in life with the world. Why should I keep them all to myself? 🙂 AND, I write to share others’ moments through my photography. Thank you for sharing.


    PS: Stopping by to say hello from SITS! Happy SITS Day!
    Jennifer recently posted…Terri’s Maternity Series | Week 15My Profile

  25. WHen you catch the writing “bug” there’s nothing you can do. You must write. Words can help all of us so much. When we stop to think about our thoughts in words it helps us learn to stop and reflect period. That’s a good thing, right? Stopping by from SITS. Have a great weekend.
    Colleeng recently posted…My First Giveaway! Melody Gardot CDMy Profile

  26. I wrestle with this on a regular basis … thank you for the encouragement to refocus.

    Enjoy your SITS day! 🙂
    Morgan recently posted…small things {commitment}My Profile

  27. I think we all should remember why we write and what is fulfilling about seeing our words on the page.

    I found my way via SITS. Congrats on your feature day!

  28. The balance between writing for myself, writing for my sanity, and writing for my audience can be exhausting, but when I get it right, it feels so good.
    Jester QUeen recently posted…Extinction is only temporaryMy Profile

  29. I think it’s good to write down and remember who we are writing for and our goals. It keeps us focused on our purpose, instead of how many times we Twittered or Facebooked today or how many blog posts we’re going to try to get written that week. Those things are necessary, of course, to build our audience, but it can suck some of the joy out of blogging when those things take too much prominence in our thought time.

    We have similar reasons for blogging. I write to process my own experiences, which helps me be a better mom and wife. But I also have a real desire to help other moms who might be able to learn from my mistakes and experiences. It stinks to learn everything the hard way!

    Congrats on your SITS Day!
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted…we might be mothering the hard way if …My Profile

  30. I see I commented on this one before – when you first posted it – and I still love it! Great reminders of why I write, too!
    Ilene recently posted…Green Smoothie NationMy Profile

  31. Really love this entry – it’s so important not to forget the reasons behind why we do what we do, otherwise we can lose our passion. Love your blog!

  32. I write for me too. To record moments and to help me get all the thoughts and ideas out of my head. Blogging is great therapy! I also write to inspire, to make people think and to (hopefully) entertain.

    It’s nice to remind yourself why you’re doing this every now and then, isn’t it?
    another jennifer recently posted…Philanthropy Friday: Ending Hunger, One Garden at a TimeMy Profile

  33. Denise, I completely agree with you. That’s also why I write. I write for me.
    Marta recently posted…I Try.My Profile

  34. Hi Denise, this is why I write, plus it’s a form of therapy for me….to encourage and inspire.
    Whitney recently posted…Comment on Moodiness, Middle Aged and Random by WhitneyMy Profile

  35. Love this post and it rings loud and clear for me. I write for me. I couldn’t imagine sustaining it if I didn’t, I was writing for something that didn’t connect to my core. That’s what keeps me going and like you say, it something resonates with someone else and can help them in their journey, I’m grateful.
    Christine recently posted…One Lovely Blog AwardMy Profile

  36. Congratulations on your SITS day! This is such a great question to ask, and I think I would answer it in many of the same ways.
    Tragic Sandwich recently posted…Little LuxuriesMy Profile

  37. Sounds familiar. I definitely write for me and I write for people like me – other fur parents who adore their dogs.

    I know that having a dog blog isn’t original, but I’d like to think that all of our blogs are very original, because we’re one of a kind.

    Happy SITS Day! Wasn’t BBC great? I attended my first a year ago and will be going to Vegas in October!


  38. Rulissa says:

    Perfect!!! Sometimes I get too caught up in stats and forget why I started blogging in the first place! And while it’s great to have readers who leave comments, I need to focus on my purpose… Thanks for the reminder!!
    Rulissa recently posted…Simple PleasuresMy Profile

  39. Writers and bloggers really have to be reminded of this from time to time… Writing for one’s self should always be top priority. At least, that’s what I believe in…

    Congratulations on your shining moment at SITS! 🙂
    Cham Cuartero recently posted…7 Tips & Tricks on Recipe-HuntingMy Profile

  40. This is a really nice post! Stopping over from SITS. I have to constantly explain to people why I blog and these are some great points that I resonate with! Have a good weekend!

  41. Very nicely said. I also write my most brilliant posts in my head when lying in bed 🙂 – For me t also holds true that I write for myself, my family, and all the readers out there.

    Happy SITS day 🙂 ~ Bea
    Bea recently posted…Wednesday is Farmer’s Market Day = Mushrooms for dinnerMy Profile

  42. Hello from SITS! Happy SITS DAY!! Thanks for this blog! And reminding me of the simple but important things about blogging! 🙂
    Tanya O recently posted…GNOWFGLINSMy Profile

  43. I write for me and to help others. I think blogging is fun!
    krystle recently posted…No Longer Fear Public Bathrooms with the Potty Cover [Review & Giveaway]My Profile

  44. What a great post! I need to think that question through. I love a good thought-provoker. I’m going to be spinning on this one for a while. Thank you!
    Dawn recently posted…Take Off Your Shirt!My Profile

  45. I write to build myself back up as well and I also love the idea that posts might help others in some way. Thanks for a wonderful reminder of why we write. I agree with all of your reasons. 🙂
    Melinda recently posted…My Summer 2012 “To Do” ListMy Profile

  46. All excellent reasons to blog! A good question to ask…
    Visiting from SITS!

  47. LOVE.

    *That’s really all I need to say. ;>


  1. […] I am so glad I went to Chicago for this conference.  I learned so much that I can use and learned more about myself as well.  I figured out how I wanted to refocus my energy so that my blog remains true to what I love doing. […]

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