Calm My Crazy: Freckles

I have freckles.  A LOT of freckles.  They are everywhere.

I never much liked my freckles.  I remember being teased a bit about them since I was pretty much the only kid who had them.  Even the boy I liked called me Freckles and it wasn’t all cute like when Sawyer said it on Lost.

I tried covering them up with makeup.  I tried lemon juice like they did on the Brady Bunch but they were still there.

I was outside waiting for the bus with my kids and it was a little chilly.  I had one on my left and one on my right with my arms around them.

I looked down at them and saw a sprinkling of freckles on each of their noses and cheeks.

And my thoughts were about how adorable those freckles looked.  How they are little pieces of me showing through on their faces.

I had to admit to myself that freckles aren’t bad.  They are beautiful.  They tie us together.  I love the freckles on my babies.

And I hugged them a little tighter and my heart smiled.

According To Denise

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  1. Isn’t that funny how we grow to tolerate and even like the things we hated as kids?? I’m the only one with freckles in my family and I like it! Adorable Kiddos & Happy Friday!!!
    Mary recently posted…My Zen…My Profile

    • Denise

      Thanks so much for linking up! I think it is hilarious how I can find those things adorable in my kids when I hated them about myself.

  2. What a beautiful story of coming to terms with something about yourself.

    I had freckles growing up but they went away. It made me sad; I liked them. Then all of my kids had them when they were young. I always loved theirs. Most of theirs have faded, but one daughter has kept them pretty srong. It makes me happy, and she likes them so it’s okay.

    I am so glad you saw the beauty of freckles. I’m sorry someone teased you and made you insecure about something that was a part of you.
    misssrobin recently posted…Confronting My TherapistMy Profile

  3. Denise, Loved this post. It’s so neat when we can take something that we once found hard to accept in ourselves, but we love it in our children so much that it gives us perspective on it – and ultimately leads to self acceptance. How cool. xo Ilene
    Ilene recently posted…Dogs Conquer AllMy Profile

  4. I have freckles too and decided long time ago they were God’s pixie dust!
    Jean Wise recently posted…God’s Delight – Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  5. Freckles are some of the things that people don’t want but for me, I don’t mind anyway and it looks cute for me.. Love this post!
    Karyle recently posted…Start Earning Money Online TodayMy Profile

  6. really wonderful story of yours. Thanks for posting this amazing blog! 🙂

  7. I always wished I had freckles! I felt like my face was too plain, hehe. Plus, I always wanted red hair. I guess I just wanted a whole new head 🙂
    Trish recently posted…This will not become a baby blogMy Profile

  8. This is the sweetest post. It’s funny because when I saw your profile on SITS today, the first thing I thought was, “I love her freckles!” 🙂
    Erin recently posted…Birthday cupcakes and lizardsMy Profile

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