Have they been replaced by robots?

Confession:  I recently watched the first Spy Kids movie so robot children replacing real children is fresh in my head.

Confession 2:  I watched the movie by myself.  I tried to get the kids to watch it with me but they were totally not interested.  I had to keep watching it because I hate leaving things undone.

Confession 3:  Confession 2 is mostly truthful.  What I left out is that I actually wanted to see what happened in the movie.  And now I kinda want to watch the rest of the Spy Kids movies.

This week I am not working and am spending time with A and T for the last week before school starts.  Frankly I was worried about how to keep them entertained.  They are crazy active and easily bored and I’m pretty much … not.

They LOVE to fight and argue and push each others’ buttons.  I spend a lot of my time feeling like a referee.  They can play nicely together and sit nicely together, they just tend to choose not to.  I guess it is more fun that way.

I say “I guess” but I really know.  My younger brother and I fought constantly as kids.  I really feel like A and T are the 2.0 versions of my brother and I.  But that is another post for another time.

So where was I?  Oh yeah, those crazy kids and their tendency to drive each other (and me) crazy.

Well it’s day 2 of our week and I am suspecting that some evil villain wanting to rule the world has replaced my children with robot substitutes.  I honestly don’t know how that would play into the plan of taking over the world since I have power over nothing and my kids really only rule over me.

But they have to be robots.

They have been behaving better these last 2 days with each other than pretty much EVER.  This morning they spent 2 hours in T’s room playing with legos.


I stayed away for fear of messing up the vibe but that’s when I started suspecting they were robots.  I would run experiments to try to figure out if they really are robots but because that could mess up the cosmic forces keeping peace in the house I WILL NOT CHANGE A THING.

That probably means I should continue to lay low.  Which then means I may play on social media.  Or look at funny videos online.  Or whatever.

As long as I don’t mess with the robots.

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  1. Yep….

    I couldn’t have said it better myself……

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