She likes scary stuff

A in her Monster High outfit

I have always loved scary movies.  As a kid, I remember watching movies like Jaws and to this day that particular film is one of my all time favorites.

Although I dig the horror genre, I must admit that I do have nightmares and sometimes certain movies really creep me out.  And, I can’t believe I am admitting this, I am kinda afraid of the dark.  Yep, an adult who’s afraid of the dark.  I HATE when I am in complete darkness and can’t see anything.  I don’t need a lot of light but I definitely need some.

During the school year my daughter, A, started bringing home books about Dracula and Werewolves from the school library.  She insists that her favorite books are graphic horror books and other such scary stories.  These are all children’s books so they are relatively tame.  She is a big fan of Scooby Doo and how things can appear scary when they really aren’t.

So we went to the library and she wanted to get some books for the week that were scary.  We stuck to the children’s fiction chapter books.  We found the Goosebumps series which I believe they have a TV show for now.

She poured over the backs and decided these were what she wanted.

Then after reading apparently random passages from each after we got home, she FREAKED OUT about being scared when it was bedtime.  She complained that one of the books was too scary because it had a person’s head in it.

I had her show me where it said that in the book.  It did indeed talk about holding a person’s head.  Then a paragraph or 2 later, it said it was made of rubber.  It was fake.

She hadn’t read that far.

Ugh, I want to encourage her reading stories she enjoys and I can certainly understand her love of the scary stuff since I am like that myself.

We agreed that she would read one book and then we would decide if she could read more.  She is a pretty advanced reader and she has to be interested in the story in order to bother reading.  We’ll see how this agreement goes.  Another exercise in letting them make some decisions and participate in figuring out how to grow up.



  1. My little girl is a fraidy-cat (I don’t mind, tho). When she was 4, she got so freaked out by the villains in most of the Disney movies that we had to turn them off. Seriously. In Sleeping Beauty, Malificent turning into the dragon brought on squeals of horror & tears. My daughter does have a very sweet, gently soul, so I guess maybe this goes hand-in-hand? We can’t do anything scary, even Scooby Doo, in our home (she’s 7 now, but has a little sister, 4, who tends toward nightmares). Happy SITS day, late!
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  2. I totally applaud you in letting A try out the “spooky stuff” instead of just saying “No, you’re not reading that.” I agree this is an excellent exercise in letting a child figure out and participate in decisions.
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