Sometimes I Swear

OK, so I read this post over at Scary Mommy and my first thought was “Man, I need to try this!”  Go ahead, click on over and read then come back.

You’re back!

Well I have been known to drop a fuck or shit every so often when I am pissed and frustrated and just can’t take it anymore.  My kids can be pains in my ass and I must admit that my fuse can sometimes be short.  So when I read the post, I thought it was a great way to let off some of the steam while keeping the cursing to a minimum.  Seems like a win-win to me.

Then I went back to the post and read the comments.  I was surprised by all the judgement.  Go ahead, you can go back and look at the comments.

Did you come back?

Well, there are all kinds of parents out there and one thing that was obvious to me when reading the comments was that all the commentors love their kids and do their best for their kids.  So why all the hate?  I may not agree with everyone who commented but I don’t begrudge them their opinions or even their methods.  No one the was advocating beating their kids or emotionally abusing them.  In fact, most described their offspring as growing up pretty darn normal no matter what side of the discussion they sat on.

Anyway, I had thought about posting a response here because I really liked the idea of using silent strings of shut the fuck up to help calm myself down and really thank Scary Mommy for writing her post.  Now I want to also thank her for taking all the bullshit folks slung at her for being honest.  So thanks!


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