My First 5K

OK, to be perfectly honest, this wasn’t exactly my first 5K.  Back in the late nineties, I did the AIDS 5K Walk, the key word there being WALK.  I remember how sore I was after walking that and I was much younger and lighter back then.  So even though I have covered this distance before, I’m just gonna keep calling this one my first.

So those of you who have followed along know that I did not complete by couch to 5K training plan (yet).  I got to the second workout of week 5 and I actually hadn’t run for about 2.5 weeks before yesterday.  So to say I felt a little unprepared is an understatement.  But I looked up some  past times (to make sure there were some over an hour) and told myself that even if I walked the whole thing, I likely wouldn’t be last.  I must say that didn’t do much for my confidence but whatevs.

I went to bed early last night.  Or I tried but I was pretty nervous so it took a while to fall asleep.  I also woke up several times during the night.  Maybe the extra hydration yesterday was part of that problem.  I got up early so I could have some coffee to help “clean things out” before heading to a place with only porta potties.  Then I had some toast, PB and jelly and a yogurt and got ready to rock.  Hubby, A and T came with me for support.

When we got there, they were starting stretches and we hit the porta potty just in case.  Then we lined up to start.


I started out “running” (let’s just refer to it as running although it wasn’t much faster than some young kids’ walking pace).  It started out uphill so I ended up walking pretty soon.  The course was through a neighborhood will some flat and some hilly parts.  And some freakin’ ginormous houses!  Wow.

I pretty much just alternated between running and walking.  Walking uphill, running downhill, some of both on flat spots.  I had one fairly long run (not sure how long but it sure felt long) in the middle.

The home stretch was all downhill.  As I crested the hill to start down, I was walking and when my brain told my legs to start running, they refused.  It was like I couldn’t lift them the tiny bit higher to start to run.  It was very weird.  My brain kept coaxing and they finally complied.  So I hit the downhill and saw my kids’ and Hubby.  I waved and T started to run along the side with me.  I was calling out to him to either go back to Daddy or stay with me.  Then I got close to the finish and sprinted leaving him behind.  Luckily he stopped and waited for Hubby so even thought it took me a minute to find him again, he was safe.

The clock at the end was just under 50 minutes.  I won’t know my official time until later.  I was secretly hoping to end in under 50 minutes so I was really happy about that.

Afterwards I steered clear of the gluten (pizza, bagels) and got some fruit and yogurt.  Hugged the kids and drank some water.  All in all, it was a great experience.  Already thinking about another one after I have completed the couch to 5k plan and have more running under my belt.


When I got home, I treated myself to a nice iced coffee and ibuprofen.  So sore already.



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  1. Jennifer G says:

    Good for you! Don’t you feel proud? What a great example for your children!

  2. So proud of you Denise!! Way to go!!!!!

  3. Look what post I picked out to read of your recaps? You’re already an experienced racer!! And in July too when it’s hot. I’ve run in quite a few “fun runs” and I get the jitters every single time.

    P.S. Love your running skirt. I only have one and wear it all the time (need to find another on sale!).
    Poppyu recently posted…#RunstreakMy Profile

    • I was just thinking how weird it is to think about the 5K which was not long ago but seems like forever. I should really do another. Oh, and the skirt was from Old Navy for cheap! Score!


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