Trying Paleo Again

A few weeks back I tried eating Paleo for a few days.  And then I started to get light-headed and felt awful.  So I went back to my regular eating.  And felt better, but not good.

Since then I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking.  I’ve felt for a long time that I needed to change my diet to help to alleviate my issues.  I’ve tried many things; cutting out dairy and gluten, detox plans, etc, etc.

There are some that I was able to stick with for weeks or even months, then there are some that I only made it a few days.

My body doesn’t respond well to change.  Some of these efforts to change my diet have resulted in my curled up in a ball, with head pain more horrible than I ever experience, and barfing my guts out.

And when that happens, I give up.

Now, it isn’t always that bad but it tends to really suck and I can’t usually get past it.  Who has time to spend days going through awful detox?

I sure don’t but I need to so I can really figure out if it will help.  I’m so tired of the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So now I try again.  From what I’ve read, Paleo seems like a good option for me and I need to give it a real shot.  This is day 2 and my head is exploding but I, oddly, feel a sense of wellness inside.  Maybe it’s because I want it to work or maybe it is real.  I will only know if I keep at it.

So wish me luck.  The cravings and hunger and detox pain is going to get worse before it, hopefully, gets better.

I want to make it through to the other side.  This time, please, let me make to through.



  1. Good luck – I really hope this helps you!
    Diane recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: The Princess Has ArrivedMy Profile

  2. I am not sure what this diet is, but I do pray it helps you!! And I am so sorry you have to suffer, my friend. XO
    Chris Carter recently posted…Devotional Diary: Fear. (Time To Cut The Tumor Out)My Profile

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