Writer’s Workshop: My Daughter is Definitely a Morning Person

For this week’s writer’s workshop I chose the following prompt:

1.) Is your child a morning person? Share a story, picture or list of reasons that supports your opinion.

My daughter is a morning person.  She didn’t used to be.  Quite the opposite.  I used to have to wake her up in the morning by taking off her covers and pulling her out of bed.

But somewhere along the line all that changed.

I might want to also mention that she is a night owl.  There are nights she is still awake in her room when I am going to bed.

So I guess what this really means is that she doesn’t need much sleep.

She did NOT get this from me.  I am not the parent that can function on 4 or 5 hours of sleep like someone in my house that I know.

I can’t tell you how many times I wake up to find her destroying playing in her room in the morning.  She looks at me as if to say “well, I see you have finally gotten your lazy butt out of bed.”

I have to tell you that I am completely non-functional before 6am.  And I really prefer not to get up before 7am.

Now the real test will be when she is a teenager.  My youngest stepson used to be a morning person and now as a teen barely makes up by 10.

Only time will tell if she keeps it up.  Meanwhile, pass the coffee please.

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  1. Wow so your daughter is a morning person and a night owl? Lucky girl to have so much energy! I used to sleep at least 8 hours a day and now that I have started blogging, it’s more like 6-7.

    Yes, when the kids are teenagers, they do tend to sleep in more. If not, maybe she will start making the coffee for you? (I am toasting my coffee cup to you as I write this ) Have a great day Denise!
    Raquel recently posted…Scarf ControlMy Profile

    • Denise

      My husband can get by on 4-5 hours and I think that is so crazy. She may end up like him. I guess that’s good for her but not for me 🙂 She will definitely need to be making my coffee 🙂

  2. No morning persons in our crowd. Except me. And I’m a very reluctant, alarm-setting one at that. My 11 yo is a bear to get out of bed on school mornings. But don’t have to worry about that for a while. Yay.
    SouthMainMuse recently posted…Someday My Prince Will Come. I think.My Profile

  3. It’s interesting how our kids change as they grow up. I have been a nightowl all my life and get about 6 hrs of sleep!
    Mimi recently posted…*Yawn* Boys, Keep It DownMy Profile

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