Writer’s Workshop – If I Didn’t Have to Work

For this post I chose the following prompt:

4.) 10 things you would do if you didn’t have to work.

I chose this because I thought it would be interesting to figure out what I might do since I’m going through a particularly stressful time at work so this could be my nice little daydream.  I am going to assume that if I don’t have to work, I must be independently wealthy too.  I mean, because obviously.

  1. OK, I find it a little crazy that my first thought is that I would take the time to get organized.  Rearrange the house and put everything where I think it is “supposed” to be.  Yes, I like control.
  2. Find some new and interesting ways to spend time with the kids.  I’m often tired and cranky with them and not so much a creative person so I could find some stuff to do with them that even I would find fun.
  3. Get our yard landscaped.  Hubby tries so hard to keep up with it but we have a lot of trees and it’s a bit swampy and we have so many BUGS!  I’d have people come everyday if I had to in order to be able to be outside longer than 2 minutes without being eaten alive.
  4. See some other moms more often.  When the kids were little I did playgroups every week and chatted with other moms.  Nowadays I’m lucky if I see them once a month at MNO.
  5. Learn a new skill.  Maybe crochet or sewing or something.  Hey, it could happen.
  6. EXERCISE!  My excuses at that point would be harder to come up with so I would probably have to actually move my ass.
  7. Write more.  Either blog or short stories or something.  I like writing and although I don’t necessarily expect to be the next Richard Castle, it would be fun to see what I would come up with.
  8. Spend more time on social media.  I have to admit I would Tweet and Facebook a ton if I had the time.  It’s fun for me.
  9. Nap.  Yes, I like my sleep and I would definitely have a daily afternoon nap.
  10. Get massages and manicures and pedicures and do all that “self-care” I am always told to make time for.


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  1. I love your list. I was going to do this prompt… but people already think I want to quit work – so, I decided to stay away from it 🙂
    Kristen recently posted…I feel trapped.My Profile

  2. Great list! I have a LONG list of things I wish I had more time for….it’s hard to balance it all!
    Tina recently posted…This Mama Is Wearing Denizen JeansMy Profile

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