Writer’s Workshop: If I Were a Hoarder

For this week’s post, I chose prompt 2.) If you were a hoarder, based on your personality…what would you hoard? (better yet, ask someone who knows you well, what they think you would hoard).

Hoarding is in my genes.  My mom could easily slip into full on hoarding (sorry Mom).  She has accumulated plenty of stuff over the years that she finds difficult to part with.  So naturally I tend to keep too much as well.  But I also make a purposeful effort to purge as often as possible.

If I were to succumb to my hoarding tendencies I would probably hoard paper.  I have this crazy fear that something I recycle is going to later become useful.  I am especially bad about kids’ school papers.  I have everything from each year saved and think that somehow I will have time to go through it and just keep some cute pieces representative of that year of school.

Yeah right!

So I I were a hoarder (or more of a hoarder is more accurate), we would all be buried by mounds of paper from floor to ceiling.  We could use the paper as blankets.  We could use the paper as furniture.  There would be so much paper everywhere.

And I would think each piece is important in some way.

Now if you looked at my house, you would probably think I am a toy hoarder.  Alas, that is due to the hoarding tendencies of my offspring.

See, it is in the genes.

So what would you hoard?


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  1. Not sure what I’d hoard, especially since we live with the in laws and OCD MIL would never ever let anything pile up.

    Anyways, I love the way this read. Paper. In particular school related paper as in projects and things. I wish I kept more of my kids things but they usually get admired for a bit then tossed.

    On second thought, IF I could become a hoarder, it’d be paper in magazine form. For some reason I hold onto magazines waiting for them to be useful. Alas, when I’ve tossed em out of course they’re needed.
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    • I used to do the same with magazines. I would dog ear pages and keep each one and then never look at them again. Mostly with fitness and parenting mags. I had to stop all my subscriptions and refuse to get any more to break my habit. The day I threw them all out was sad and liberating.

      My mom was a magazine collector too. She had Women’s Day mags from the 70s in her house as recently as 10 years ago!

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