Random Round-Up #22

A LOT of folks have been tweeting and blogging about their Elf on the Shelf adventures.  Honestly, I have never heard of this before.  Sounds like something kids could really get into but man, what a pain for the parents to move that sucker around every night.  Glad we never did it and A and T are old enough that we can quietly look the other way and pretend we don’t know anything about it.  Seems only 1 of A’s friends has talked about it and none of T’s.  Score, I can stay lazy!  I will say that I think the folks who have posted their elves in compromising situations are cracking me up and I linked a few below.  But I still think the elf looks pretty creepy.  I keep thinking about the clown toy in Poltergeist that attacks the boy. Or the creepy ventriloquist dummy that came to life in a Buffy episode.  :: shiver ::

Well it turns out we have a budding forger in the family.  I should have known it would end up being my innocent looking little girl.  We have to sign and initial various homework assignments for school so when she did her reading earlier this week, she brings over her reading paper and proudly shows me that she has already put my initials on the paper and exclaims “I made it look just like the other ones!”  And she did.  I politely explained that the parents are supposed to do that, not the kids and she sheepishly grins and says OK.  I fear that she will forget this little lecture the first time she has a report card or note that she doesn’t exactly want me to see.

I took A and T shopping to get some toys for Toys for Tots and they were happy to pick something out to give but also took the opportunity to show me more of what they would want for Christmas.  A picked up just about everything.  I took photos but then told her that it would be hard for me to know which ones she wants most if she picks so many things.  I don’t think she cares, she just wants everything.

I spent a while on YouTube searching around for funny wedding entrances and parent/child dances.  No reason, just looking for some funny.  I was surprised at how many there were and how funny some are.  Although folks should just skip over the boring normal part at the beginning and just start when they really get down.  I may be wasting time but I don’t have that much time to waste.

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