Sunday Random Round-Up #14

I know this is later than I would like but here is some random for your Sunday:

This week I had the pleasure of hosting 2 sick kids at home while trying to work and battling the sickness myself.  Let me tell you how much fun that was.  It was NOT.  One sick kid is hard but two is impossible.  They can’t seem to keep from annoying each other especially when I need them to be quiet.  So I just need to accept that if they both get sick, I am nurse maid and nothing more.  It isn’t worth trying to get anything else done.

Although saddened by the passing of Steve Jobs, I swear that is not the reason I went and ordered myself the new iPhone.  I must admit I have wanted one for a while but I got a Droid last year and was pretty satisfied with it.  Over time I noticed some things I didn’t like and I was still jealous of all the iPhone love and I am happy with all my other Apple products so I broke down and got one.  Now I just can’t wait for it to get here.

Last week we had some family over for dinner and while I was chatting with my MIL Sammy the Samoyed walked up to her, lifted his leg and peed on her leg.  I jumped up and yelled at him and took him out but I must admit that it was downright hilarious.  Whenever my MIL brings her little, tiny dog over, I swear Sammy wants to have it for a snack.  He goes crazy.  I can only imagine that she smelled like her dog and he decided that he should mark his territory.  I only wish I had it on video as it would have been gold!


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