Sunday Random Round-Up #16

I know it’s later in the day but here’s a little random to round out your weekend:

This week was conference week for the schools and they have a ridiculous schedule where they go in 4 hours late 2 days and get out 3.5 hours early another.  And then they had off on Friday.  So Hubby and I played musical work schedules to cover watching the kids.  Luckily we also have my MIL down the street and she helped out so I could call into a meeting without screaming in the background.  I understand they have to make sure the teachers don’t work too long those days but there must be some other way to schedule this such that the whole week isn’t shot to hell.  I know so many folks that just bag it and go on vacation this week.

We got to do the Autism Walk in DC this weekend as part of Team Ben in honor of my cute little nephew.  I wasn’t sure the kids would be able to do it without getting bored/tired/annoying.  They did pretty good.  They liked being a part of the big event and doing something for a charity.  My SIL was a fabulous team captain and the team raised a ton of bucks (though I was pretty lame in the raising department).  Go Team Ben!

My high school class had 20 year reunion activities this weekend but I couldn’t really swing getting to any of them.  I was able to get to a brunch/baby shower for one of my dearest friends.  It is always great to see My Girls and this time was no different.  We always pick up right where we left off.  We realized that this time had been far too long since the last time we all got together so we need to work on that.



  1. TEAM BEN ROCKS!!!! Thanks for the shoutout.

    Seriously, T & A were fabulous. They behaved very well (as opposed to your bolting nephew).

    Now I wished I had gotten them shirts too.
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